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2014 brings two new ventures for the Spaniel - the first is our long-awaited chat system, Chat Components, and the second is a new web site, Expert-Answers, that lets you host live net events.

After a considerable delay, our new chat system is finally available. Chat Components is the chat system you want it to be, because you take only the features that you need. You tell us what you want, we quickly assemble it for you and you have a fully-customized chat solution for less than the cost of an off-the-peg alternative. There are already many components available. In addition, special custom components can quickly be created especially for you. Visit the Chat Components site for a couple of demos.

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Our new site, Expert-Answers harnesses the power of Chat Components to make 'live' net events possible. Whether you want to dispense advice or attend an event hosted by one of the experts there, please check out the new site and let us know what you think.

And don't forget last month's release, intranet interactive! - a system that allows you to build and run truly interactive applications for your intranet. Take a look at it!

Best wishes and thanks for being Spaniel-friendly,

Steven Primrose-Smith

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intranet interactive! - new!
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Chat Components - new!
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